-- From prison walls to the freedom found in Christ's boundaries --
-- From prison walls to the freedom found in Christ's boundaries -- 
May 28th, 2019
Dallas, current resident of KBPA
There are really no words to express how much I would like to thank Kingdom Boundaries for accepting and allowing me to be part of this ministry. From day one of being here I have always felt welcome, and that I belonged, and that this is where I needed to be at this time of my life.
I came into Kingdom Boundaries with very little belief in any type of religion, and they knew this. This is because I laid everything out on the table for them from day one. As time went on, I have slowly started to believe that there is/can be something/someone looking out for me. That is a great feeling!
I can honestly say I have enjoyed going to Bible studies KB has going on. Before coming to KB, if you would have asked me to attend anything that had to do with church or talking about religion of any kind, I would have laughed in your face. But that is not how I have felt while I have been here. I do believe I will attend church while out on my own because I need that in my life.
As for the people that work here, there are also no works to express my gratitude to all of them for being so kind and understanding in my beliefs. They have never looked down on me for any reason. So from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Pastor Jeff, Pastor Mark, Rhonda, and Kevin for being such wonderful human beings to me. Without all of you, I know where I would be right now in my life, and that is somewhere I never want to be again.
God is at work to make us who He intends us to be.

 April 16th, 2019

My name is Chris Thu. I became a resident at Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare (KBPA) in June 2018. I enjoy Kingdom Boundaries because it is providing that needed Christian assistance and guidance which allows me to remain out of prison. KBPA ministry is helping me to grow in the love and grace of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (They offer weekly bible studies for all KBPA residents.)
I struggled with alcoholism and drugs before going to prison. My drug addiction and prison time led me to losing my family and living on the streets. I didn't have any spiritual life before going to prison. My family rarely attended church. My time in prison was a hard time because I missed my family and children. (While in prison, a person can lose all freedom and have no contact with the outside.) In prison I was fortunate to have a cellmate that was a Christian. My cellmate invited me to church services and bible studies which led to my relationship with Jesus Christ. While in prison I also attended Brothers in Blue and experienced the grace and love of God.
Today, I have full-time job in Sioux Falls. I am currently attending Restoration Church in Sioux Falls. My goals while at Kingdom Boundaries is return to my family and find my own apartment in Sioux Falls. I would like to thank individuals and churches supporting the ministry of Kingdom Boundaries. I would like to thank the KBPA staff for being available to me when needed during both the difficult times, and good times. Thanks also to KBPA board members for dedicating your time to this ministry. My hope is found in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.
God provides the strength we need to persevere and grow.
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