-- From prison walls to the freedom found in Christ's boundaries --
-- From prison walls to the freedom found in Christ's boundaries -- 

Volunteering ---

Volunteering at Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare is an important aspect of our ministry. It not only helps make KBPA operate more efficiently, but more importantly is what volunteering does for our residents, and what it does for you.


At many times throughout the year we can use extra help to fix and update our two living facilities. Both the “The Carpenter Shop” and the “The Master’s House” are in constant need of small repairs. When you volunteer to help with these things, it is an important example to the men living with us. Many of our men come in to us with a “what I can get” mentality. Your friendly service (servanthood), expecting nothing in return, models a valued character trait that is needed for everyone.


Another thing that volunteering helps with at KBPA is mentoring. Our men, at many times, come from family situations that are less than ideal. When volunteers spend quality time with our guys, they can learn and appreciate that strong ideals and friendships are not only worthwhile, but needed.


As stated above, volunteering is not just important to KBPA, but is important for you and others. The following is a partial list of benefits of helping/volunteering:

  • It makes a difference in the lives of others
  • It helps those that are struggling, sometimes without a voice.
  • It will make you feel valued as part of a team (KBPA).
  • It will allow you to spend quality time away from your work or busy lifestyle.
  • It will give you increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • It will help you develop skills and knowledge that you already have.
  • It could help you improve your employment prospects.
  • It will allow you to meet new people that are different than you and to make new friends.
  • It will bless you and it will bless others.


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