-- From prison walls to the freedom found in Christ's boundaries --
-- From prison walls to the freedom found in Christ's boundaries -- 

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The intention of this website is to show you the needs of inmates leaving the confines of prison walls as well as how Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare (KBPA) strives to minister to and help these men and women transition back into society and lower recidivism. KBPA is a faith-based non-profit.

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New!!  June 12th, 2018


"Current KBPA resident testimonial"
            Over 15 years ago, I was in a jail cell sitting lost and not knowing which way was up. A man came to the door and said God is calling you at this moment. I began to cry, and I haven't had this emotion for over 20 years. At that moment, I asked God to forgive me and to lead me to what he wanted me to, not what I wanted to do.
            I spent 297 days in jail before I was sentenced to 15 years in prison. There were times that God sent people to me for help. Other times God's helpers came to help me in time of need. In the 15 years in prison, I lost seven members of my family. God's helpers were there for me and God's helpers walked with me through these times. God's love got me through these times.
            My release date was approaching fast. One of God's helpers told me about Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare. He introduced me to Jeff, one of God's helpers. Jeff showed me compassion as none other has ever done since I was born.
            Jeff and Rhonda are the founders of KBPA. They listened to God's calling. They have helped so many. God has blessed this ministry in many ways. Since I've been living at KBPA, God has called me to become a mentor to those that are coming to KBPA.
            I have so blessed by KBPA and I thank God for all the things He has done and all the things He is doing in my life. I am looking forward to helping others through this program, Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare.
            1 John 1:5 says "This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all."
            May God bless those that read this. God bless all!
Mike Morse (current resident)
Every day we can reject destructive habits and experience new life in Jesus.
Saturday, June 23rd, 4-8 pm
New Day Church, 27365 472nd Ave, Harrisburg, SD
There will be music groups & individuals, KBPA resident testimonials, a ministry update, and grilled hamburgers with all the fixings.
(There will be a freewill offering.)



To lower recidivism (the return rate of inmates to prison) by fostering Christian character one person at a time.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to form healthy relationships between Christian mentors and ex-offenders, regardless of their past indiscretions, to safely re-enter society. KBPA will come alongside men and women to help them discern God's love, will, and direction for their lives; at the same time, it will make available practical assistance to become productive and independent citizens.

Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare does not receive any goverment funding.

All donations are tax deductable.

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