-- From prison walls to the freedom found in Christ's boundaries --
-- From prison walls to the freedom found in Christ's boundaries -- 

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The intention of this website is to show you the needs of inmates leaving the confines of prison walls as well as how Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare (KBPA) strives to minister to and help these men and women transition back into society and lower recidivism. KBPA is a faith-based non-profit.

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New!!   January 7th, 2020


New Resident

Incarcerated 27 months
Prayer Requests:
Please pray: 
  • for my children in South Carolina. We miss each other.
  • for a healthy transition of living in Sioux Falls.
  • that I can find good employment soon.
New Resident
Incarcerated 3 years
Prayer Requests:
Please pray: 
  •  for healing and peace for Therese as she has 4th stage cancer. She is like a second mother to me.
  • for my real mother. She recently broke her wrist. Also pray for a hedge of protection over her as she is in an abusive situation.
  • for health, favor, and grace for my children.They are all doing well.
God has both an all-seeing eye and all-forgiving heart.



To lower recidivism (the return rate of inmates to prison) by fostering Christian character one person at a time.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to form healthy relationships between Christian mentors and ex-offenders, regardless of their past indiscretions, to safely re-enter society. KBPA will come alongside men and women to help them discern God's love, will, and direction for their lives; at the same time, it will make available practical assistance to become productive and independent citizens.

Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare does not receive any goverment funding.

All donations are tax deductable.

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