-- From prison walls to the freedom found in Christ's boundaries --
-- From prison walls to the freedom found in Christ's boundaries -- 

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The intention of this website is to show you the needs of inmates leaving the confines of prison walls as well as how Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare (KBPA) strives to minister to and help these men and women transition back into society and lower recidivism. KBPA is a faith-based non-profit.

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New!!   July 9, 2019


"Operation Augie"

Rhonda and I got to know August several years ago while he was still on the hill at the South Dakota Penitentiary. I knew August through a ministry called REC and Rhonda knew him through St. Dysmas. At this time Augie was searching for his place. He was starting to understand faith and his relationship with his heavenly Father.


Augie and I have reminisced about the times he didn't trust me. He had even told me that he didn't like me very much. But Augie was always willing to visit. Over time trust on both sides was given and received and we became close friends.


It was towards the end of Augie's  time in prison that the idea of Kingdom Boundaries was being talked about and becoming a reality. With the help, guidance, and encouragement from Pastor Steve (Pastor of the Cornerstone Prison Church) and John, another mentor of mine, Kingdom Boundaries was established. Augie was the first to receive assistance from KB, so we unofficially called it "Operation Augie".


In June of 2013, Augie was to be released from Unit C at the penitentiary. I was supposed to be there to get him and bring him to an appointment. I had told him that I would be there and to wait for me. But Augie, being Augie, and being anxious left before I got there and had walked a long distance to his appointment.


I went to where Augie had his appointment and waited for him to get out. When he got out I could see that he had burned the top of his shaven head, and it was bright red. My first order of business was to find some Aloe Vera to cool his head.


August was a huge help when Kingdom Boundaries was getting organized. He helped me understand the anxiety of getting out of prison and what men experienced when released. We spent many hours working on a KB application and covenant agreement.
He was instrumental in getting a Bible study started at the VOA Re-entry Center and then continued it at KB. (This Bible study still continues today.) 


Augie attended many of the early KB board meetings and contributed much. Augie was the 1st parolee to get permission to cross state lines and stay out of state overnight to attend a Cursillo weekend. This opened the doors for many others to do the same.


It was evident that August loved his family and missed them very much. He talked often about growing up and how he longed for the mountains and picking mushrooms. He was so excited when his sister came to visit. He loved to paint and loved to teach others to paint as well. He longed for a family and was so excited to become a father to children that were not his biological own and later to his own son.


Having told a little of Augie's story, I want to let you know that Augie passed away on June 18. There will be a  memorial service at 4 pm on Tuesday, July 9, 2019, at Life Church, 501 North Elmwood, Avenue, Sioux Falls.

Jeff Haverhals, Co-Director
** Augie was part of our first promotional video. If you want to see it, please go to: https://www.kingdomboundaries.org/photos-videos/ and watch the 11 minute video on the bottom.


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To lower recidivism (the return rate of inmates to prison) by fostering Christian character one person at a time.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to form healthy relationships between Christian mentors and ex-offenders, regardless of their past indiscretions, to safely re-enter society. KBPA will come alongside men and women to help them discern God's love, will, and direction for their lives; at the same time, it will make available practical assistance to become productive and independent citizens.

Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare does not receive any goverment funding.

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